Posted on Feb 29, 2020

World Art Branding Conclave

The Visual Artist in the Spotlight: Rashmi Panchal from Mumbai, Maharashtra

"Happiness is allowing yourself to be happy with what is, rather than hoping for, and lamenting, what is not." - Rashmi Panchal.

Rashmi is a senior artist from Mumbai and she has been doing paintings from the past 30 years. Every painting of hers is a beautiful story in itself. She expresses her emotions confidently through painting.

Rashmi had an inclination towards art since childhood. With time she developed skills and started doing painting as a medium to express the emotions of her heart. She has taken part in several national and international exhibitions. Her paintings are very much appreciated and some of them are adorning the walls of its proud buyers.

"Any painting I believe that soothes the mind and the heart is a good painting." She says.

Her father has always supported her talent and gave her the freedom to pursue her love for art. She believes that Art and God are part of his family.

We present one of her paintings that she named 'Time never returns.' You can contact her to buy her paintings or for any customized painting orders. Her official page:
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